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Dec 14, 2004
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Just a note, I think you are pushing the skin softening to hard, it seems like her nose is being lost and that looks a bit odd to me.
HI! They look great - my favorites are the first and last ones. :)
Just a note, I think you are pushing the skin softening to hard, it seems like her nose is being lost and that looks a bit odd to me.

That's what they pay me to do. :)
If they want something more out of camera, there are other folks.

I got your letter but I was out in Cali, and my wireless wasn't working right. I could get mail but not send it. I totally forgot about my blackberry e-mail.
Anyhoo, I'm still here, and don't plan on going anywhere. :)

Also, if you get the chance, go to the General Gallery, and check out some of the "not wedding" fun type stuff we took while on vacation.

BTW-It sucks having to come back to work!!!!! I had albums piled up on my doorway!!!!! I can't believe the idiots just left all these albums on my doorstep!!!! Ugg!
Just a note, I think you are pushing the skin softening to hard, it seems like her nose is being lost and that looks a bit odd to me.

I think that I have to agree on that, or could be my monitor as well. Other than that they look great.
On numbers 3 and 4 her face is a completely different color than her neck, eek. On number 1, is this a crop? If so, can you bump it down at the bottom a bit, so that their knuckles aren't resting on the edge of the photo? I like the pose in number 4, just think their bodies should be just a touch more relaxed. :) Love the colors!
Yeah it's weird about the neck, but I think she was using tanning stuff and stopping at her chin. Try as I might, I couldn't get rid of it.
Number one is indeed a crop.
Client said the same thing about the last....that it seemed stiff.
Thanks for input. It's always appreciated.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
The softening is a bit overdone. It's good that you do it, but you have to be careful with it.
In the last shot it seems that you added a background blur as well, which gives a halo around the models. A better way to do that is to create a separate layer and cut out the models, and then use a blur. This way you'll eliminate the halo, but the effect is exactly the same.
Other then that, the poses and lighting are great!

Just my 2 cents ;)
There shouldn't be a halo, as the shot was at 2.8 with at 200. No blurring was done to the back. I have no idea what halo you are talking about.
Again, I appreciate the advice, but my clients are paying for major retouching. It's not for everyone. The prints are goergous and they ordered all of them.
Because I was booked for the wedding day, I sent them to another lady to do wedding stuff.
The client wanted bridal, and I didn't want to take away from the recommended photogs possible deals, so I told her I was booked until her wedding was over.
I received a really heartfelt answering machine message that she would wait for the bridals until I was available, after the wedding, next year, year after that, whatever.

She had another photographer that I recommended. But she had trust in me. She forbade the other photographer from showing the images online. I have full reign with the photos and can do as I please.
The other photographer was actually my mentor in the early PJ days, and she has been in every magazine conceivable, including Time and Vanity Fair. She's top notch.
But this client is bringing this back to me. Not because I'm a better photographer. I'm not even a tenth of the photographer that I suggested and she booked.
But I do what the client wants. Over the line with PS, so be it. That is what they pay me for.
I don't mean to dismiss you guys. I appreciate the advice, but there is always a massive backstory, and this girl wants this.
And I try to bring it.
Knowing your style Cindy- they are great! You do great PP always... just what the client wants- to look what 'they' think is their best. You give them retouching examples before hand and if they want super duper smooth skin- that's what you give. It's all about them.

I am soooo lovin' that texture in the first one too! Great work as always.
I am stealing that last pose....

good stuff.

a little much PS for my tastes, but I do understand that is what you are paid for and you deliver what your client wants.

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