Japanese Beetle?


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Nov 15, 2003
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North New Jersey, United States of America
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Searched to identify this one and I think it is a Japanese Beetle but the coloring doesn't match. Web sites state that it is actually a non-native pest. Oh well. Found this fellow on some flowers at the local arboretum during a family picnic.

Shot with my Samsung GX-1L, Tamron 90mm f/2.5, and ring flash. Not my favorite capture but I still think it looks good.

Possibly. The beetle order is obnoxiously huge. Hard to tell from just one shot from the top. But if the colors dont match you likely have a different species.
Sure looks like a Japanese beetle to me. They reflect different colors at different angles... from brown to copper to bright green.
That doesn't look like a Japanese beetle to me, I've literaly killed thousands of them in the last couple of years. You almost never see a single one and if they are in your flowers you will see the leaves and flowers eaten in a web like pattern. They are a dark greenish color. I spray them with malithion.

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