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Dec 29, 2007
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I am VERY new at photography but thought this one turned out pretty good?

It looks a little warm in the color temperature department to me, but maybe that's just my monitor. I think the composition and DOF is good here though, and I'm glad to see the eyes are relatively in focus, but I still feel like the nose is the sharpest object in the picture, which is generally bad for portraiture. The angle is kind of fresh I guess, you don't see a mildly top-down portrait too much, at least not with the subject also centered.
Thanks for the feedback. I probably over did it with the adjusting. Here is the original. Feel free to edit and show me what I could have done better with the shot I took. I can work on angle and focus. This was my first ever attempt at a portrait.... and it was a spur of the moment try. I am VERY open to learning what would work better.


This is just underexposed a bit.
Just use levels to fix the white point and it will be fine (once you crop it to 4 x 5)
I like the way you have edited it in PS.

You have a good shot.
edited version looks way underexposed to me and the colors aren't true.

for the original: cool the colors a barely noticeable amount and i think you have a great shot
Is it just the first one with the greenish color or the second one(original) too? After you pointed it out I noticed it. My monitor is not calibrated yet, and is probably way off. I need to find a lab I like soon and do that.

Thanks for the suggestion on the crop!
There is a greenish tinge especially around his eyes in your brightened edition (i.e. the first picture shown), so that may well have come up with your brightening up a photo that is originally underexposed. But ok, I feel, underexposure may well happen when you do "firsts", and try to achieve them with ambient light only, I don't mind it too much, despite the fact that underexposure IS a technical flaw, of course. But I think you captured your son well here. His smile shows that he is half happy half wondering how it'll turn out what his dad is just doing, and I like that expression!

And he has lovely brown eyes. The greenish tint in your edited version is taking away from them, which is a pity.

Hope you don't mind, but I just had to try my hand at editing this photo. I used Lightroom and PS CS2. I'm by no means a pro but I think it turned out ok. If you don't like it or want me to remove it just say so.

Here is your original:

And the edit:
Good job on your first try! Like the others of said, I think it is underexposed and has a color cast.


IMHO, the eyes are a tad overdone on the previous edit.

ETA: EEK!! This now looks a little overexposed.

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