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Jan 9, 2012
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I am attempting to capture an image with good focus such as this photo

I know it is a necklace, but this image was produced with the standard 18-55 mm lens.

I am trying to reproduce the detail. I have a light-box (purchased), lighting is not the issue as are the settings. I have been using f11 and settings seem ok, problem is I am having to do a lot of editing in Photoshop.

This is what I get:

and this is the end-result after editing:

These are my settings on the image taken:

I tried increasing the aperture but nothing. I am shooting for a detailed shot very similar to this:
Whooooooaaaaaa...ISO is at 1600??? That is ridiculously elevated!!! Same with the shutter speed of over 1/3000 second....

Your in-camera white balance setting seems off...too much toward the green in the white background material. I would lower the ISO setting quite a bit...
I'm a beginner as well, but your ISO is very high and your shutter speed is very fast. I would try ISO 100 and see what that looks like.

The ring looks underexposed as well. Is the box itself lit up? It looks like you need more light on the ring. It seems like flash may give you glare but worth a try. You might also try setting your metering to spot (I think) so it meters for the ring only and doesn't average in the brighter box.

The DOF also seems very shallow, but I'm not sure why since you were at F11. My guess would be that it has something to do with the distance btw the lens and the ring, but I'm not sure.

In summary, I don't know how to make it better so just fiddle with every setting, lol!
Distance between lens and ring is roughly about 5-6 inches. I am using a light box and it is well lit (very white light). Looking at it with eye it is bright, however it comes out very low. I could change the exposure and it makes it lighter, but I dont know if that will affect other things.

Thanks for the feedback guys
Try ISO 100 and metering mode spot or center and see what happens
Different Ring this time. Enabled Metering Mode (Partial) and set ISO to 100

If he doesn't respond soon, send a PM to BitterJeweler. His opinion is the one you seek...;)

Seriously, Bitter can get you started in the right direction. His jewelry is amazing, his jewelry photography equally so, and he's just a nice, interesting guy besides!

Disclaimer: I don't actually *know* if he's a nice guy...he might beat up on poor innocent waifs for fun, for all I know. But he certainly comes across as nice enough through the auspices of the internet. :lol:
Thanks sm4! Will do!

Sorry I am new to the forum, but I expect to be here for a while! :)
This thread may help...

To get a clean white background, you need to light the plane under the jewelery. It helps to get you item up off that plane/ground any way you can. You can easily shop out any hooks or wire/string used to do so.

The problem I have with light boxes, for me, is it makes everything too flat. Also, in lighting the ground plane, you have to be carefull of light spilling back, and backlighting your ring. Doing the clean white background is much harder than doing a black background. You may be able to do black and easily select it and swap it with white. The key will be making sure the jewelery is well lit, and you don't have black reflections that will complicate selecting the background, and make the piece look odd.

Jewelery is very hard to shoot really well. I am not exactly where I want it to be, but I am happy with my progress.

I reccomend the book "Light, Science, Magic", it's geared towards product photography, and has chapters for many different materials such as glass, and shiny metal.
Thanks Bitter, I am checking that book out tonight!

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