John Mayer concert

Nice shots, I like the compo in the first one. I can't stand John Mayer though :/
Concerts don't have to be static. Unless they're just really boring on stage. You really need to be able to move around for a successful concert shoot.
Check out R3d's photos - he'll show you that they don't have to be static. Whenever my bands play we make sure that the show is far from static. Anyway, yours definitely aren't bad. What was the ISO at? I don't have an EXIF reader, I'm at work.

As to Mayer... I like him. I don't love all the stuff on his albums, but his guitar work, his blues work, musicianship, all top notch. And his guitar & amp taste, that's another conversation on it's own.
The ISO was at 2500 for all of these. You all are right, concerts don't have to be static, but I guess it was difficult for me to get more than the relatively static images featured above because I had to hide my camera for fear of being kicked out.
Try going to a smaller venue like a house of blues or something with GA only - it's much easier to move around, and most of them have pretty liberal camera policies.

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