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Discussion in 'Welcomes and Introductions' started by Marmeduke, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Hi all :D,
    I joined The Photo Forum a few days ago and have had a bit of an explore and found some great stuff so I thought I'd make a proper introduction.

    I'm from Norwich in the UK. I've always liked photography, but I've only developed a passion for it over the past 3 years. In fact it's been the major tonic to finishing University and heading off into the biggest financial crisis of 70 years :(! Gaps in employment have given me the chance to do a few months as a photographer for my local newspaper and take on some commissions.

    I've improved with my photography largely through a process of learning things and then forgetting the bits that stifle creativity. I'm not that techy.

    Recently, after a bit of HTML induced loopiness :confused:, I set up my own website sharing everything I love about, and have found useful in, the world of photography: Photography Art Cafe.

    It's new and any early feedback :)thumbup: / :thumbdown:) from you guys would be really valued. My galleries are shown here: Photography Art Galleries.
    I've been a bit cowardly in only including the shots I think are 'nice', rather than the ones that are more interesting and from the heart. Do you think they are ok, boring, 'nice'....!?

    My favourite photographer is Steve McCurry.

    I look forward to using this forum and picking up some tips from all you knowledgable users,



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    Hi Josh, and welcome

    I only had a quick browse around your looks well laid out and easy to follow. You can probably put links to the sites in your signature, so as you post on the forum people will see it and can click on the link if they're so inclined
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    Hi Marmeduke,
    I just checked your site and I must say that it was a very good one. The reduction of employment in all the fields at-least did something good for someone. Moreover this is a field where you will be the one who decides for you and not be told by anyone else what you have to do. Pursuing a career in a field that you like is something that would help earn you great heights. Keep up the good work going.

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