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May 30, 2010
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I would like to know what other's shoot most often - jpg, raw or both at the same time. This is my first camera that is capable of all three (Canon T2i). I have experimented shooting both at the same time but don't see much difference in manipulating the jpg in Photoshop or using the raw file to make changes with software. I am sure I am missing something about this.
RAW + JPEG, Large-Fine JPG or Medium-Fine JPG.

This is a good way to get a RAW file, AND to get a JPEG file that has in-camera processing adjustments set to the appropriate settings for the conditions and the desired results. You can set the capture mode to Monochrome, adjust the TOne Curve (contrast), the in-camera sharpening, color filter effect, like Yellow Filter, and Sepia Toning, and have a B&W,sepia toned JPEG right out of the camera, plus a RAW file that has full, untouched RGB color information in it.

You can also apply In-Camera Noise Reduction, and set the camera's setting up so that the JPEGS come out looking "right", you'll also have the RAWs for precise adjustments if needed in case of boo-boos...

I shot RAW+ JPEG virtually all the time. Card space is cheap.
Both I always use RAW but not all readers can display it so its nice to have a JPEG file on hand.

jpeg is good for storage.

raw is awesome for post work. a lot more colors to play with. file size is huge, but quality is :thumbup:

The JPEG is good for a quick preview to get an idea of what you've got. Then process the RAW.

I just started shooting with only JPEG. Yes, it is not as good as RAW but I dont mind it at all.

The JPEG is good for a quick preview to get an idea of what you've got. Then process the RAW.

When you shoot only RAW, the preview on the camera LCD is essentially, a JPEG. The same goes for the histogram, it's also from the embedded thumbnail generated so you have something to look at right away.

Until converted RAW files aren't images, unless you can visualize your photo from all the 1's and 0's. ;)
I shoot in raw only, if anything needs to be jpeg, I save it from the RAW file after I have PP'd it.

theres nothing wrong with using just raw or jpeg..its more of a preference, but you do get more PP done with raw.

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