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    There are two incredible new shows at the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland Oregon for the month of June. I think this is the definitely the best show so far this year, possibly the best show since I've been volunteering (just over a year).

    David Maisel
    David Maisel's show is called the Lake Project and they are aerial photographs he took at the site of Lake Owens in California. The lake was drained in the early/mid 1900s to provide a water supply to LA. The dried lake beds are full of minerals and algae blooms that color the landscape. Some of the photographs are amazingly beautiful (most are very abstract), yet also quite disturbing as you think about the desolation to the landscape that has caused it.

    David has also done other aerial projects relating to mining and forestry, and most of the images are available on his website. www.davidmaisel.com

    I highly recommend checking it out.

    Anne Fishbein
    Anne Fishbein's exhibit (don't remember the name) is photos that she has taken over the years through visits to the city of Yaroslavl in Russia. She began in 1990, and she has revisited each year. She has a lot of wonderful portraits of the russian people. There is a very odd dated feeling to the place, you almost feel like you are looking at 40 or 50 year old photographs, and it's really weird to know that it might have only been a couple years ago, but that is how these people are living today. There are also a few images of young boys smoking and/or drinking, and they are very sad.

    Anne has a book of the images out, called On The Way Home by Perceval Press. You can view some of the images

    You can also see more on the Blue Sky website. www.blueskygallery.org


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