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    I have a FujiFilm S5800 camera, with a 46 mm diameter lens.Most of you know this camera.It's a fixed lens camera and you can't upgrade it much (additional lenses).Yet, I decided to upgrade it as much as I can, so I decided to purchase a Hoya Circular Polarizer Glass Filter (46 mm) and another B+W 58mm Close-up NL +5 Glass Lens (58 mm).Now, the 58 mm lens will work on my 46 mm lens with a 46mm to 58 mm step up ring?I got the concept right?
    I also want to purchase a Raynox QC-180 34-46mm 1.8 Telephoto Converter Snap-On Lens.Maybe you know it.I heard it's pretty known.Will it work on my lens?
    The circular polarizer and the close up lens will just screw in my lens?I have understood that the telephoto has some sort of clips to fit on my lens.
    Now, a question that is really troubling me : can I stack all these at the same time on my lens for theirs added benefit?I have heard that for example you can stack two close up lenses for increased magnifying power.Is it true?Is this true for the circular polarizer and the close up lens?If not all, at least can I stack any of them?Do I need something extra to do this, or they will just screw in one into another?
    Also, does my camera support a remote or a flash unit?I wasn't able to find any details about this.
    What other gadgets can you recommend me in order to get out the best of my camera?I don't have the money to purchase a Digital Rebel or anything like it, nor the money for additional lenses.
    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards!


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