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Mar 3, 2007
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these are just a few recent photos I've taken. I"m starting to get the hang of my camera, and would love some tips!




Heya denovo, welcome to ThePhotoForum, and a Happy New Year to you, too! :D

The first two of your photos here seem to be having some focus problems, or is it too dark weather, too long shutter speeds and therefore shake problems? Well, anyhow, they are not quite as sharp as they should be, so I feel, but they are good attempts, all the same, mostly so the big bird in flight! Those are hard to get, anyway!!!!!!

As to the third, I fear the long exposure on the water may have interfered a little with the whiteness of the snow on the rocks, which is now all blown, which hurts my eyes (don't know about others, since I only live inside myself ;)). But your flowing-water-photo here is still better than ANY of the flowing-water-photo-attempts I have EVER taken!

The last is nice with the green path leading us right into the photo. What is the red on the left and right?

This one shows why you needed to use long shutter speeds: the weather wasn't precisely photographer friendly, now was it? ;)
thanks LaFoto!

I never really noticed the camera shake in the second photo until you pointed it out, but now I do see a huge difference in that one and the third one(which I think is sharper, anyways--am I right?!) I guess I didn't see it when looking at the photos on their own.....ooops! the weather was pretty dark that day, and I forgot my tripod at home, so that'll be the reason. I"m not even sure why I put the bird in there, I definately CAN see the shake in that one!

I do agree about the blown out white parts in the third--I was having a helluva time exposing right for that.

The red stuff in the last pic is blueberry plants--the "flowers" on the plants are a bright, brigt red. We have ACRES of blueberries around here, and I LOVE the color!

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