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Sep 12, 2008
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South Wales
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Hey guys, i haven't been on here for a long long time, so I thought i'd upload a few newer photos for you all. Theres a mix between some bking shots to live band performances and a flower. Note it was my first time for the biking and live pictures.
Feedback, constructive critisism would be nice :D









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Just so you know, you'll get very few responses if people have to follow links to your photos, and it helps people if you number them so they can respond.

Your first pic of the flower is cool, I also like how you kept the flower colored and made the background B&W.

The band ones are overexposed.

The bike ones, you should try and shoot the pic so the person on the bike takes up the majority of the frame, and shoot with a faster shutter speed to 'freeze' the rider.

Hope that helps!
God, I hate to do this where you've already been poked a bit for not linking the images right in, but you're also likely to get few responses if you have more than 2 or MAYBE 3 shots per post. Try to keep it short and keep them within a theme if possible.
Nice shots. I'll add something that hasn't been said. I'd say the B&W ones of the band are a little flat. There is no real black. Just greys. Try and get a little more contrast in post. As far as the bike ones go, one was at 1/160 and the other at 1/400, so I don't think you are shooting too slow. Try putting it in manual focus and pre-focus. I hope this helps. Again, Nice shots.
Some general thoughts...

1. Open up that aperature to try to reduce your depth of field and blur out more of your backgrounds... particularly when your backgrounds are less than appealing (such as in the case of the bike shots)
2. Try to avoid dead-on flash if you can. Look at the harsh shadows and glaring relfections. Those aren't helping the pics.

I like some of the angles and stuff. #6 isn't quite right to me, but I like it the best of the bunch. Interesting light, fun angle, etc.
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