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Apr 24, 2012
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Sherwood, AR
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My cousin is a no frills type of gal, but I talked her into getting dressed up a little and going to the River Market District. I was able to very quickly snap a few at H. U. Lee International Gate and Garden. She loved them, and felt attractive after she saw the photos. I myself see a lot of flaws. Too much orange, better picking were she posed. Most are taken in low light with external flash.

Feel free to C&C and make your own adjustments.




Nice set bunny! There are a couple of issues I see, but overall, not bad. The two main concerns are (1) Excessive depth of field, which has rendered the entire scene in focus and thus added many distracting elements. For instance in #1, shooting at say 135 mm at f4 from around 18-20' would have given you a DoF of around 12"; ideal for this shot, IMO, and it would ahve meant that things like the Buddah in the background were all but unrecognizable, and (2) is your placement of the subject in the surroundings. #2 is a perfect example where you have the tip of her nose exactly level with the rim of the fountain bowl; makes it hard for the eye to figure out what's what. Of course the water falling into her hair in #1...

That said, you've got some nice pictures of a very happy relative. Good job!
Thank you you for the information. Well taken:) I am not at the skill level to just start taking photos with out preparing for them. We were on a ladies night out and She loves this Garden, I took a few. The number one thing I wish I had done was reposition her on the fountain, but there were so many people. Still practicing as much as possible.

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