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Just a reminder.


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Jul 2, 2006
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Maine, USA
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A few of you may remember, but a year ago tomorrow I posted that a friend of mine had died in a car accident that was the result of speeding. Just a reminder to drive carefully and patiently, especially as the winter months are upon us. :hugs:

Speaking as someone who has been run over, well said mate.
I think also, people should be a little more careful on foot, when crossing roads.

I had a car accident last year, I was driving less than the designated 20 mph - in fact, i was driving about 10, past a school. I'm a safe driver - this kid of about 12 ran straight out in front of me, straight accross the road about 30 seconds away from a crossing! ran straight into my bumper, I had ZERO time to stop, he rolled up my bonnet and through my windscreen, bounced backwards and smacked his head hard into the tarmacked floor. He got up, walked to the side of the road and collapsed.

Luckily, in this case, he was EVENTUALLY ok, but not before having to go to hospital for a head injury and a broken arm - usually its the head that goes through the windscreen on impact but because he'd ran out at my car at an angle and he was wearing a rucksack, the way he hit the bonnet put his elbow through the windscreen instead of his head. He was incredibly lucky.

So, just think, before you cross the roads, it isn't always the drivers fault. I was scarred by this for a very long while and if it wasn't for the kid being honest about having seen his mum and just running out into the road, I would have been in some **** over somtehing that wasn't my fault.

I think, generally just being a little careful, at this time of year, and all others, is worth thinking about.

Sorry to you guys who've lost people in accidents that were through no faults of their own. My sister too was hit by a hit-and-run driver a few years back, luckily she was ok.

Cars are rediculously dangerous. Take care this Xmas.

As a child I was hit, my fault. Kids are fearless, and sometimes a little dumb. I was. So, please be careful.

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