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Jun 6, 2021
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I just found this forum as a result of a search query about the size of an Ilex 3 shutter, which immediately tells at least some of you something about me!

I use mainly large format cameras in 5x4, 5x7 and 10x8 (and that identifies me as British) with 13x18 my favourite (that's the slightly larger metric 5x7). I use FP4 and develop in Rodinal, then take the scan and inkjet route although I still have an LPL7452 and Durst M805 in my darkroom. I seem to end up photographing landscapes and architecture. I also use a Sony a7rii for snapshots, and the miniature RZ67 and subminiature Bronica ETRS for travelling light.

I've been photographing for a little while now, starting probably around 1955, and getting my first enlarger in 1961.

I'm an ex pat Yorkshireman, currently exiled in Sussex on the English south coast.
Welcome to TPF! Happy to have you join us. I hope you check out our Photo Galleries, and post some of your work for us to see. We do have a healthy film-users community here, so you're in good company.

Please keep posting, and enjoy the forum!
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the ThePhotoForum! 🍻
Thanks all for the welcome. I'll take a look at putting something in the gallery, which on another forum usually takes a lot of resizing to shink the file size by trial and error. From what I've read about the new forum software here, I may find it easier. My basic scans from 5x4 are about 230mb. Other sizes pro rata...

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