Just bought a Sony Alpha DSLR-A300, test photos C&C


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Feb 2, 2009
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These are a few test shots I've taken after buying my DSLR camera. I'm just looking for a lil advice on what I did right and what I did wrong in these shots.

1. It was really cold out when I took these first 2





They're all in landscape mostly because I kept forgetting to change it.

I haven't taken as many shots as I would like, mostly cause I still need a case, another decent lens, and a tripod.
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i also live in colorado and use the mtns and streams to your photographic advantage....... nice pics
1. Seems to be fine… a bit more focus wouldn’t hurt, but otherwise, good.
2.Needs clarity… set your focus to the sign, and try to blur the background more. An external flash could be used here, although it would also add further problems, so with just a few touch ups, it should be fine.
3. Needs clarity. Unfocused, almost. The dog seems a little blurry… set your aperture to the dog, not blend it all in.
4. Know your kit. If you can’t zoom it, get closer, stand on a ladder… you could crop it, but then the image quality is almost non-existent when you try to expand the picture. If you can’t take it, don’t… it’s not hard to find a bird perching on something, so unless it’s an amazing, one-chance shot, don’t bother if you can’t take it properly.
You're centering the subject in your shots...dead center is deadly. Try not to center the subject as it makes the picture static and boring. Learn about effective photo composition - Digital Photography Composition Tips

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I'm not familiar with the A300 but learn how to take control of the camera...don't let it decide on the exposure setting and focus points for you.

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