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Oct 19, 2012
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Littleton, Colorado
I think I like her shoes more than the picture Robin. Not meaning that bad, cause I like the photo.
We did a lot of hiking.. they did have different shoes at the wedding lol.

I just showed this picture to my wife and asked her if I could come to CO to shoot a wedding with you. (Hey, I gotta learn some how.)
Really cool concept. It's nice how all the cables point to the couple.

Lighting is rather flat. Not that that's not an error. I'm not gonna be that guy that flippantly says "You should have had a guy with a flash on the opposing gondola" =P But it is a fairly significant inherent limitation of the whole setup that makes it just sort of "cool" to me. If the lighting could somehow be controlled via some clever and tricky means, then this would have the potential for an epic photo that might contend for a spot above the mantelpiece. I can't think how, though.
Ok, I like the shot. there isn't really anything to complain about because its different and cool.
I would have done this shot from the chair behind them with them each holding the sign on the back of the chair, looking back over their shoulders at you, or kissing, or just gazing at each other, or probably I would have done it all those ways, and then stalked them to catch some candids of them from behind. And, of course, you would have to do it going up the mountain to still have the mountain scenery.
But, like I said, thats just what I would do. :)
Cool, cool, cool. This is so cool.
Josh couple with a lot of marvelous pose looking striking couple. Like both of you and my prospect will be happy in your new life.
If i sit behind them then I'm stuck sitting behind them. No thank you. You have to pay each time you go up. They got married on the top of mountain.
I don't much like how her feet are muddled with the tower (?) behind them. It's a very cute and no doubt very special picture for its personality and its capture of that particular moment. I cannot help but feel that there must have been times during the ride down when the background was more fortuitous, though. Obviously you have a problem in that they're pretty light, and it looks like most of the other available backgrounds are pretty light, but was that really the only patch of trees to place them against?

On the other hand, I cannot imagine riding all the way down with my neck craned around waiting for that perfect background to appear.
I am quite cynical so you may ignore my opinion, but to me it is a strange shot. The metal skeletons of empty carriages and the machine gun above his head make their newly wed enthusiasm a bit misplaced.
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The ride was long so i have gazzilion shots with different poses. Just wanted to share one on FB real quick.

I love it, Robin - such a fun idea and they look like they are having one of their happiest moments ever. Great expressions!

I know this one is a quick toss-up for us, so may I ask if you'd consider a somewhat significant crop - pretty much the entire right side, while toning down the yellow thing under her feet, and leaving the open sky above? It might work well as a vertical. Just a thought. :)

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