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Apr 20, 2009
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South Carolina
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This photo was one I used as a test yesterday to work on how aperture, ISO and shutter speed all play together. Please ignore my dirty child outdoor playing and the funk on her face & nose, lol:) If you'll critique the exposure, etc because I'm trying to learn how to shoot a shallow DOF while still keeping the color and not blowing out stuff. Why is my sky white?

ISO 200
AV 1.8
TV 1/400

I'm not trying to be pro here, because I'm far from that, I just got my Canon XS yesterday! I'm still in the same boat as you and learning how different settings effect photos. I think it's a great shot, the only C&C I have is the front left of her chest seems a bit blown out with light. Other than that I think it's great. And she is just adorable!
she's very cute, and personally i think the photo is quite good!
even the action / pose she has going is quite special, a great capture to say the least

you could adjust the curves and levels in the post-processing to really make that a 'brilliant' shot

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