Just sharing one from a model shoot


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Jun 11, 2009
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2 OCF - 1 rear right to light the ground and 1 front right of camera for fill.
No I don't think so. I remember the comment on how they were looking in different directions and how the angle was not flattering to the left one, and the right one looked sort of zombied out.
I see nothing wrong with it. The only odd thing I see after careful examination is why is the girl wearing shorts and a flannel shirt? But then again girls do that stuff. They wear skirts and coats so it is not really that odd after all. So I guess in a different context than a forum it might be just the ticket for that purpose. Like selling flannel shirts for example.
lmao girl on the right definitely looks like she should've been at Zombie Walk.
maybe i did post this one...i have bad memory sometimes...

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