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Jun 19, 2009
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Ok, I am generally a VERY health person. I work around about 100 kids everyday and never get sick. This year I've had the stomach bug like 3 times!! lol Yes, 3!! Anyone else see an increase of stomach bugs this year? Or is it just hitting me hard this year? :lol: (maybe my staff is poisoning me!!! lol)
Same here, mishele... been an interesting winter so far! :)
The stomach bug going around is most likely a variant of one of the norovirus, they are very contagious and there are several strains going around at the same time. It's not the flu, the flu is a respiratory illness where you will get achy, high temperatures and a nasty cough, not a stomach bug, The best defense against it is to be almost fanatical about hand washing. You might not even be getting it from the kids you are around, but it's a strong possibility if they are out wtih it too. Simple things like door knobs, drawer handles and the worst one no one thinks of... the gas pump handle are good ways to get the bug.. Ever pump gas and then go to a fast food joint to eat in the car on the way home??.... Yeeeuckkk. Wipes in the car for those post pumping hands. Once you get it your best bet is to try and stay hydrated as much as possible and get rest. There's nothing that
Thanks Tony.......=) It's been a rough winter!! lol
Nope, nothing here. Although I never really get sick. I blame it on the cannabis! No headaches, no migraines, no sickness for 12 years now!
I hope you knocked on wood or something.....lol
I would say that you are lucky getting the stomach bug. I am tempted to have my house quarantined after the way the new year has gone. After spending weeks in Dec not be able to kick a stubborn cold, I ended up with pneumonia. My 5 year old at the same time decided to run a fever that spiked up as high as 104. My 2 year old also then started sporting an awesome double ear infection and fever. Then my wife got an upper respiratory infection, and she had to fly out of town for work that week. Then back to my 5yr old running a fever again missing school for a couple days. Oh wait, then my 2 year old decided to get the stomach bug, massive vomiting (on me of course, and our two day old bed) and diarrhea. Now my 5yr old has a cough she can't rid of. Just to round it off I was just awarded a nasty head cold.
I gave you a "like" because I feel so damn bad for you!! Hope everyone feels better!!:hug::
Here in the DC metro area, I have not seen the stomach bug except for a few episodes in neighborhood kids a few months ago. We've had a LOT of coughs/flu symptoms/colds lately, however, and they don't seem to be going away.
It only gets worse as you get older too...
VITAMINS!!!! I shove them at my family constantly. They REALLY do help. A LOT. So does AirBorne

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