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Mar 18, 2017
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I met this lady whilst walking through a local city park. I tend to take my dog, Winston, with me when looking for portrait opportunities as he's a great icebreaker. She really liked Winston. She posed for a photo - the whole process lasted 30 seconds. The opportunity didn't present itself to ask how she hurt her face. We will never know.

As an aside, I'm really struggling with Google Chrome, and its ability (or lack thereof) to recognise colour profiles. This image has been saved to sRGB, but for me, Chrome doesnt recogise it. Firefox does though, so for accurate viewing of the image i suggest Firefox. No stress either way.

Thanks for looking, whatever your browser.

Wow, that face could tell a thousand stories. Really great shot.

Just out of interest I'm going to do a comparison Chrome v Firefox later as I use both on my PC (I'm on my tablet at the moment).
What a fantastic face! Lovely capture.

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Wow, bless her heart, at first I thought you had some weird light on the face, then I realized it was bruising, she took a hard hit from something.

I use Firefox primarily as my browser on my computer, with calibrated monitor and Chome on my android tablet. There are some slight differences when viewing JPEGS using the sRGB profile mostly in saturation. I always attributed it to the difference in screen size and brightness.

For casual use I go with the sRGB profile. For serious work, I soft proof, depending on the intended final use of the image. If it's for the internet I use IEC 61966-2.1 as the profile. I haven't tried V4 yet, guess I need to, as it's supposed to give a better color rendition. If I'm printing I use the lab's specific product profile.
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Thanks for the comments guys.

@smoke665 - that's exactly the difference i see between Firefox and Chrome, with the latter being too saturated, whereas Firefox presents an accurate colour rendition true to Photoshop. It's suprising that chrome doesnt accurately read colour profiles, given how widely used it is. I have read a few tutorials for changing settings in Chrome to make it detect profiles, although it is buried away deep in the settings and didnt actualy work. Even if it did work it would be pretty useless unless everyobody else using chrome also changed their settings!
@Black_Square it's not just the browsers that cause problems, web pages add to the problems, especially if they apply compression (which might be some of the effect you're seeing). FB and most social media sites really crush images, they have to. I've found the best work around is to link to or embed a link to a higher resolution image.
Nice gritty portrait.

Def. street smart!

Bless her!

This is something that has bugged me also on the color profiles, but remember that the way the software is written, alot of times its to the lowest common denominator and the end result is more for th fakebook crowd rather than pro-end portraits.

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