KatzEye Focusing Screens?


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Oct 9, 2007
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Getting old and finding it a bit harder to manually focus any of my DSLR's. The existing viewfinder set-up and screen isn't really expecting you to do much manual focusing - I miss the old split circle set-up on my film cameras.

Not a huge issue but I clearly could use some help on real 'reach' shots when using a TC and I can't rely on AF to work..... say the 1.7 or even 2.0 with the 200-400.

KatzEye focusing screens look like a solution.


Anyone tried these? Installed them or had them installed?

Comments, suggestions, recommendations, warnings?

My wife also misses grid lines on her D40 - this looks like a way to take care of that too.
I've seen them mentioned here before, but I can't remember the outcome, if they were bought or not.
They are cut-down Nikon K3 screens as far as I can tell. They certainly don't make them themselves. It's not difficult to cut a K3 down to fit a D40x, but it does require patience and care - I've tried it and sometime soon I'll post some pictures and a description. I'll try adding grid lines next time. It's very easy to mark the screen with a diamond stylus.

There is/was a well respected member here, ksmattfish, who installed one of these view screens and he loved it. I've also heard from a few others who were satisfied with the Katzeye products.
For the focusing screen, what body are you using right now? I doubt a D2 or D200 would have any trouble with AF tracking, but something like a D70, which is sluggish and has a ridiculously dark and small viewfinder, would be more understandable.

I dunno, I have poor eyesight too, and when I have my eyeglasses on or even my contacts, I find manually focusing my FE difficult, and my D70 flat out impossible, the faster the lens, the worse too.

I borrowed a buddies 50mm f/1.8 AI and used it on my D70, not a single image at f/1.8 was correctly in focus, they were all off to where you wouldn't see it on the LCD, but on a monitor, it was obvious, the nose or sideburns were ALWAYS sharper!
Am thinking it'd be a good solution for my (now) back-up D70 - I was having horrible problems trying to manually focus on that body. Nice to know I'm not the only one having problems with that body - was writing it all off to age.

The lack of grid lines on the D40 bugs my wife so I was thinking this might be a solution there as well.

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