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Aug 11, 2021
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Québécois in central Europe since 1989 🇨🇦
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Nice camel but I took the liberty to brighten it up and turn it into "burning hot desert camel." Enjoy!

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… I took the liberty to… Enjoy!

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Nothing in this I can enjoy.

The freedom I granted to edit is meant to permit members with alternative views and
constructive suggestions to express what they see not for others to exhibit an even-
tual lack of culture in geography, wildlife distribution and adaptation, and bad taste.

The Bactrian camel originates from the Mongolian desert area in central Asia where
cold is more likely to kill you than heat; that's why its coat is so heavy.

Please restrain to abuse this permission in the future.
The OP has been advised of his misinterpretation of the "Photos OK to Edit" feature here at TPF.

Do not take this thread into a discussion regarding the feature itself, or anything else off topic, thanks!

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