Kern Paillard Switar Primes Package, 10mm, 25mm, 50mm

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    Hard times have visited us all.
    I'm going to be selling my prized Switar Primes.

    I have them listed on Ebay, but I'll end the auction for the right offer.

    Quote from my Ebay Auction:
    So, I have a nice little package here! Three Kern Paillard Switar Lenses!

    I have a:
    10mm H16 RX- 1.6
    25mm AR - 1.4
    50mm - 1.4 - with Hood / Shade

    The Focus Rings and Aperture Rings move smoothly.
    ALL lenses have front and rear caps, all front caps are Kern Paillard Stamped.

    The 25mm and 50mm had preivously been engraved with a personal name, someone then grinded off the name and left them marked on the side.
    The serial numbers remain near the rear element, so I don't believe anyone sanded off serial numbers. I think it was for procession.
    This has no effect on the lens other than very minor cosmetic.

    Higher Res pics are posted on Flickr Here:

    I've heard people love them for 4/3's cameras like the panasonic GH1, G1 and lots of others. They were originally made for 16mm Bolex Movie cameras.

    Ask me ANY questions and I'll do my best to answer! I'm definitely open to emails and have no problem with international shipping as long as paypal is secured and completed.

    I'm also interested in trading A BOLEX REX 2 and 13mm Elgeet lens for a high end Super 8mm camera, ie Canon 1014 XLS, Beaulieu etc.


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