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Jul 18, 2015
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I wanted a case to carry my speedlights. Found a neat old leather case at a thrift store. It came with a Keystone 16mm Camera and some accessories.

Oh my god, this image is soo deep.Love it.I fell nostalgic when I look at these kind of photo.You did a great job.Nice!
Thanks very much for the nice compliment xDarek :)
I'll bet that little bugger will work just find if you can find someone who can clean out the old gear grease and re-grease. Not sure about Keystone's but that stuff they put in Bell & Howell's gets hard with age rather than "gunky." Finding Super 8 film and a lab to process it, now that's going to be the challenge.
Thanks. Yes, it's actually in amazing condition. The winding spring feels fine and it purrs like a kitten when the shutter is pressed. Speed control works. The inside is immaculate. The lenses and viewfinder are dirty, though.
not super 8, but double perf 16mm. I read that most convert to single perf which is apparently easier to find. There's actually a roll of exposed film on the spool!
A bit of researchshows these have little to no value, but, for 20$, I got a saddle leather case that's the perfect size to hold 2 speed lights, triggers, gels and flash bender.
... and also a good layout for the items which I think is very important
Thanks very much!

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