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Aug 18, 2005
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Juarez, Mexico
I shot this series last month on my birthday. We were having a BBQ outside my house and my wife's sister asked me if I could shoot some pics of my niece and nephiew.

OTE, Critique and comments are welcome!





I really like # 3, but I would crop it down and contain it with just that bridge that she's on. The sky in that shot isn't doing anything for it.
Also, be careful of where the sun is falling on their faces. It creates very strong lines on them and makes half of their faces too dark and half too light! Try to pay attention more to the backgrounds too. In #1, that woman is standing directly behind the boy and the guy on the right is really distracting too. (Also it looks like the boy isn't in focus).
#2 is cute too, but I'd try cropping it down some.
cute kids! I agree with the pp... crop in on just the kids to avoid the other distracting elements.
I like the second one down the best because of her hair, I would crop all of them tighter to avoid the distracting stuff
:mrgreen: Thanks!

I'm going to agree with all your comments. The images were straight from the scanned negs and I haven't had much time to fiddle with them, but I like their expressions and wanted to get your opinions to see if it was worth spending more time with them. Your comments now encouraged me to work with the pics to improve them!

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