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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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he only seems to come close enough to shoot on days with bad lighting.

i got about 300 shots of this bird today, most of them are pretty similar. he flew from one little deat tree to the next a few time. and he decided to weight till the very second that i lowered my camera each time lol.

king fisher 20151128-DSC_4960 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr
Cool, king fisher fay

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Nice Shot Dan. Great isolation of subject and the colors are very nice.
Kingfishers are very smart. They know about us photographers ...
You are lucky to get that much time with one, when I have tried to catch them they seem to know that I am around ... these buggers need to be photographed with much strategy, patience, and a blind in the right area.

Great shot ... better than I've ever got ... hmm, I think I still hear the sound of them laughing as they fly away from me.
Thanks guys, this bird is pretty people friendly he hangs out at the beaver marsh parks boardwalk area Often, you just got to be there on a day where he comes close and he is pretty easy to get photos of,

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nice, clear shot. just getting close enough for a shot is no small feat with these guys... if you're fortunate to find one that's relatively accustomed to people, take advantage of it!! :)
A friendly Kingfisher...I've never heard of such a bird..ours are all so skittish that catching one off-guard is just a tad short of a miracle. Nice capture.
kids are running around on the boardwalk and being loud and it just sets in its little tree waiting to see a fish.
Nice! I have to agree with those saying how difficult these little beggars can be to catch up to.
stop! What is it?

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