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Oct 12, 2005
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CastellĂłn (Spain)
The people of the city of Marrakech are very particular. I will continue sharing with you photos of this trip. Greetings from Spain.

love the womans face but I'm not sure about the composition on this one ozzono....she's just a bit too low in the frame and there are too many distracting elements surrounding her...IMO this would work better had you shot it portrait-style rather than landscape. I do like the angle you put it on tho:D
If there was ever any "real character" to be seen in a face, then it is here! Very good.
I think a good crop would do this photo good. The tourists to the left don't help any, since her FACE is what is important.
That said, I still like this a lot!
This womans face is still so full of character. I do like the photo, but a definate rotation and crop would benefit it and show off it's outstanding quality.The other people to the left in the square took away from the old woman and since she is suppose to be the center of attention I thought I would edit this just once. I don't normally edit other photographers photo's and I'll remove this photo if you do not like it..please let me know one way or the other.


Thank you very much to all by the commentaries. I thank for much. Macawlvr, without a doubt the composition that you have obtained causes that the photo is prettier. My intention when making all the photos of Marrakech, has been to make a photographic news article on the people of this city and its way of life. Therefore I do not have I have changed no composition of the image to leave to the personage in all its "sauce". When changing the composition we can vary the reality of the image. Thank you very much by everything, and it does not bother the one absolutely to me that you have made that magnificent adjustment of my image.
I,m sorry, my english is very poor ;)

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