Last shots of Autumn


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Nov 2, 2007
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With autumn coming to an end I thought I would try and get some last minute shots.





they are all beautiful shots.
LOVE the second one. i want to be there.

the first one does seem a little dark. not as bright as it could be.
i cant say a negative word about these, perfect photos imo!
Thanks everyone!
My personal favourite of this delicious little series is the third. I love the bright yellow against the grey of the wall, with yet another set of colours given by the window frames and blue door. Very nice. Seems like autumn still lingers a little longer where you are than it did here. But we still haven't got any WINTER, either, so we're in a sort of grey-wet limbo... (which might stay like this well into the beginning of spring, if last "winter" is anything to go by ... :roll: )
Very nice. I would have to say that my fav is number one. Something about that perspective is nice to me!
Thanks everyone, and lafoto, I know what you mean. Since I took these pictures almost all the leaves are gone now leaving nothing but empty trees. Hopefully, the snow will fall soon and I can have something to photograph again.
1 and 3 are great! i love the perspective of the first one, and the colors are fantastic in the third.
They are great, nice colours.
My favourites are 2 and 3

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