Lávvu and lake in northern Scandinavia


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Aug 30, 2006
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Just back from the summer camp of our Sámi friends. We hiked to their summer camp to participate in the reindeer-calf marking taking place each summer. The whole community comes together in the mountains for several weeks, and many nights calf-markings take place when they collected enough reindeer which live in the wild. Each marking can take many hours, usually at night as this far north you have 24 hrs of sunlight, but at night there are often less mosquitos.

The image was taken at the first marking of the season, which took place from midnight until about 7 in the morning. It shows the lávvu of our host, where we spent the breaks to eat dried reindeer meat and relax.

Might post more image of the calf marking later when I organised my images ;)


You did not eat Rudolf did you? lol...The photo looks almost toy like

When I eat reindeer, I never ask for a name :p

Well, that is the effect of rather shallow DOF :)

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