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Jan 20, 2023
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This is a image of a girl I worked with from age 16 to 18. Her mother was a professional model including but not limited to being featured in Playboy, which was back in the dark ages. She lived in the Bible belt and a good many people were none too happy with her. Her mom loved my work which with her modeling back ground was a huge compliment......Rio and I fought most the time. In two years we did about 45 shoots with 3 of those being over night where we slept in the car and were up shooting at first light.

The girls name is Rio....This is on the Washington coast. It was a over night trip, we slept in the car.....A guy came by in a official type pick-up and told us we were on tribal land and we needed a permit which cost money. I asked if I could just take a few pictures and we'd be on our way and that we drove some distance. He said "oh you don't have to leave"...Now I was confused....I said that he mentioned I needed a permit.....He said "yes, my duty is to tell you you need a permit but you don't have to leave" Now I was more confused.....He added "I'm on all weekend....He drove off, when he was leaving he waved...... Very curious....We got a few good shots but I should of done more as it was a great setting.


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Maybe it’s just me but I prefer to have the subject looking (or moving) into the frame. I like it, otherwise.
When you do a photo where the subject is looking at the viewer then the viewer has to make some connection to the image. Looking off camera the viewer does not have to make any connection to the person in the image or the image itself. I shoot a bit of both.
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