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May 31, 2007
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I am learning photoshop - stuck on changing eye color. I have the Photoshop CS2 for Digital Photog's book and I am stuck. When I go into the Color Replacement Tool and bring up my 2nd photo, I can't get the color to carry over to the one I want to change. Can anyone help me figure this out? Please let me know how you did this b/c I'm confused! Thanks so much! BTW-I know my skin tone is a bit much! I'm just practicing!


I'm not sure about using the colour replacement tool, but you can change eye colour simply by making a selection of the area you want to change (zoom in and be careful about what you're actually selecting, or the result won't look natural), and then using the Hue/Saturation tool, with the 'colorize' option ticked.
I agree with j_mcquillen, your best bet is to use the hue/saturation tool.

I would start by creating a new adjustment layer (layer > new adjutsment later > hue/saturation). Then adjust this until you get the look you like on the eyes (dont worry about the rest of the picture yet). Then on your layer pallette, select the mask for the adjustment layer, invert it and paint white over the eyes to single out where you want the effect ...

Agreed on the CTRL U tool, but I don't think colorize is necessary as the hue slider will shift the color 360 degrees. I always thought colorize was to temporarily flag the changes with the dialog open, then off to make the change.

Thank you so very much for helping me with that!!! I am going to go try that out right now!!! Thanks again!
another way is just to use a soft brush on a separate layer, and then color over the eye, and then set layer mode to color or softlight and adjust opacity.
Personally, I always like my eyes to have multiple colors. Especially in a circular shape radiating out.

On another layer I selected an eye with the hexagonal lasso tool, set the feather to 3 pixels, and used the circular version of the gradient tool with your colors. Then I set the layer to soft light and adjusted the opacity until it looked natural.

It may not be as green, but to me, it makes the eyes blend in better.

Making a new layer out of the eyes and using the hue/saturation tool is the way to go. I would also use the levels tool in this case since the eyes are too bright to just switch them to green.

However, the image you've posted is too low in resolution for an acceptable edit.

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