Oh nooooo! Sorry to hear that. What exactly were you doing...one of those two storey drops?
Hope you heal quickly and completely, then ya gotta hop right back on. As I'm sure you will. :blackeye:
Knowing you and the bike are ok makes me laugh bountifully.

Mind you, a $7k bike better be indestructable.
Showing off were you??? :p
Phew, good to hear that that bike is OK!!!! :greenpbl:

Hey. Heal quickly!
Ride again soon!
bummer man, now you cant ride that 7k bike for a while. good thing its ok though
JohnMF said:
Showing off were you??? :p

naarrr it was only a little one 2 sotries bit of a narly landing bummer realy
my proud nooooo.i would never order coppies of the xrays lol :D
yes but lets face it they would only do it once well twice at the most

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