Leica CL Adjusting/Calibrating Rangefinder Focusing


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Nov 5, 2022
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Hi all,

I've posted this question on Leica forum more than a few days ago, but it seems nobody's answering so I thought I'd reach out here instead. I recently acquired a Leica CL with a Minolta 40mm f/2 M-Rokkor (v1/non-CLE version) and have noticed that the rangefinder patch vertical alignment is a bit off. I have tried to find more research about this issue on the internet for the past few weeks but unfortunately, there isn't a lot of info on adjusting the rangefinder for the CL on the web, forums, and even on Youtube (and some of the links at other forums are very old they are gone now). Some of the things I managed to find is how to remove the small, top plastic cap off the top plate without scratching it (which I have successfully removed without scratching), and an image that someone posted on the photrio forum on the screw adjustment. It seems like the person was saying that both the horizontal and vertical alignment are adjusted on that screw, however I've also read conflicting comments on other forums where users mentioned that the vertical alignment is adjusted from the top plate, and the horizontal alignment adjusted from the cam at the top of the lens mount? I have only managed to adjust the vertical alignment by screwing very gently (and not pushing down on it) and focusing it on infinity (at a high-rise building far away) and so the vertical alignment on the rangefinder patch is now fine. However, when I tried to test for the horizontal alignment accuracy using a digital rangefinder (the laser one), a tripod, and an object to focus on, it seems like the distance from the lens marking does not match the distance I measured from the film plane of the CL to the object (using the digital laser rangefinder). I should also add that I haven't touch the horizontal alignment (both if it is at the top of the lens mount/cam, or if it is at the top screw inside the top plate) and have never tested for the horizontal alignment accuracy before this as well. I also tested for the horizontal alignment at infinity and it focuses correctly.

I know the simplest answer is to just get the camera serviced for a CLA, but I'm on a tight budget and time constraint right now and would not really like to have the camera be serviced (since everything else like the light meter and shutter speed is working fine). Any info/help would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

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