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Sep 11, 2019
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About the "digital zooming":
Well, the only and simple thing it does is cropping the full image in the camera. As probably all "digital zooming" does.)
You see frames when looking in the viewfinder instead of the cropped image.
It is therefore exactly the same as doing this in desktop-editing afterwards. I look at it as a stupid gimmick. Maybe meant to simulate the feeling of using an opto-mechanical viewfinder to choose another lens.
The real thing that is very useful is the over-capacity in both lens-sharpness and pixels. Overcapacity when using the whole frame that is. The huge resolution is needed when cropping. Crop to half frame and you still got a picture made of 24 million pixels... Throw away 75% of the full image and there is 12 million pixels left. Of course this is only useful when lens-quality is very high. And it is i think.
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