Lens/Camera Suggestions? Currently Using Nikon D60


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Oct 14, 2010
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I am a "hobbyist" photographer, shooting with a Nikon D60, 50mm 1.4 Sigma lens. I usually take pictures of kids.

I have been contemplating either investing in a new lens (something with zoom) or a new camera body.

I'd like any thoughts or recommendations folks can offer.

A sample pic from my D60, 50mm 1.4:

Not sure why the pic isn't loading.

As for budget: I'm more interested in making the best long term decision (ie change the camera body or acquire another lens type) vs citing a dollar figure. I'm not in a rush to buy so once I make the decision, I'll start to slowly earmark the appropriate funds over time.
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whats your budget? and the picture won't load.
I just added the URL directly; not sure why the pic wasn't loading.
The D60 is a quite capable camera body. Is there something you need it to do, it can't do?
Mostly faster shooting speed

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