lens compatibility: Dine Macro on dSLR

Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by Switters73, Oct 10, 2008.

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    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I have a question. I also posted thid in the film forum. I'm relatively new to photography. My Dad gave me his Nikon N6000 body and Lester Dine 105mm, f2.8, 1:1 Macro lens. I'm thinking about going digital and was wondering if the Dine lens would work on a dSLR. Thank you very much for your time. Take care.


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    It will mount and shoot on any nikon dslr, but if you want light metering information you'll need a d200, d300, d700, or d3. All other nikon dslrs only meter with new cpu lenses.

    Most people use that lens for Macro work (it's a VERY NICE macro lens)--it's pretty valuable because of that. I see those sell for $150-200+ on ebay all the time (a lot for an third party manual focus lens).

    If you're thinking of using it as your "every day" lens then you may want to reconsider, an autofocus zoom is more practical, and you could get a pretty nice autofocus lens for the $$ you would get by selling the 105mm dine.

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