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Sep 19, 2010
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I have a co-worker that has some old lenses that he will probably sell to me pretty cheap. They are still in great shape and have little to no dust that can tell. I have yet to get the T2i but when I do will the Vivitar 135mm, 400mm and the wide angle 28mm fit on my soon to be camera? I think I just have to buy an attachment for it is this correct? Also, would you even try buying used on these lenses or just buy straight up new? Thanks!!!
It all depends on what mount they are. If they're EF, then they should work fine. If they're FD mount, which has a metal lever sticking out of the back of the lens, then no. Well... yes. With an adapter. But I don't recommend it. The adapter has to be thick so the lever doesn't hit the camera's mirror. Because of how far out it has to be, there has to be a corrective lens in the adapter. Since these adapters are made in China, their quality is sub par.

You can use any EF or EF-S lens without modification. You can use M42 lenses with an adapter. I believe you can also use Nikon lenses with an adapter. There may be others.

I can personally attest to M42 mounts. I have a Canon 300D (same mount as the T2i) and use M42 lenses via an adapter and it works well.

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