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Feb 6, 2012
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Norman, OK
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Hi folks -

My interest is black and white film photography. I've been reading a bit and will ask more technical questions later but today, I could use some input on lenses.

My current weapon is a Nikon F with an eye-level prism viewfinder. Currently, it's loaded with Kodak TMax 400.

The lenses I have thus far are:
Nikkor - S.C. Auto 1:1.4 50mm
Nikkor Auto F4 200mm telephoto
Plus a couple of old garbage lenses I will probably toss in favor of picking up "Q" lenses on ebay and the like.

I would love suggestions as to what additional lenses I should have in my "general" kit. I would like to shoot still, people, events, nature, etc. I don't plan to do action shots, but you never know when a good shot might present itself.

Thank you -
TPF has a forum section dedicated to film users. Just scroll down further into the forums on your next visit.

You have no wide angle capability, and no zoom capability.

What kind of budget do you have?
Thanks - I'll post there next time.

I could spend a couple hundred on used lenses here and there. What would you suggest?

Thanks for the help.

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