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May 4, 2007
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I was looking into Lensbabies and I was looking at photos (searched lensbabies in flickr) and it will make images such as this..

with this.. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/406783-REG/Lensbabies_LB2E1_Lensbaby_2_0_Lens_for.html

right? and also, how do I know if it can fit on my camera.. I have four thirds which it said its for.. but im guessing I attach it to my camera, then put my lens on the lensbabies? does it only fit a certain type of lens (ex: 55mm, 72mm) or does it output the same as the input (since my lens are put on the four thirds mount of the camera, the lensbabie also puts the part were (im guessing) you attach the lens four thirds size as well)...

Do i have this all correct? and in your opinion, is 100$ worth a lensbabie?
They come in a variety of mounts.

In my humble opinion, they are cheap plastic pieces of crap that you couldn't pay me enough money to mount on my camera.
Actually, they are made of aluminum except for the bendable tube. Quite sturdy, I was actually expecting plastic for the relatively cheap price. Kinda fun to tinker with. They are available for practically every mount. Just check the website.
Do you think its worth 100$??
I would think you could do that more easily in PP and you wouldn't have to spend money on anything you don't already own.
Some true fanatics will say you can't replicate the effect in PS. I say to save $100-300 I can get pretty close to it in PS and never liked that look enough to justify the cash.
Only you can answer that question. Mainly, are you going to use it and enjoy the features that it gives you. If the answer is yes, than there you go. I enjoy using my lensbaby. Though you can mimic the effect on Photoshop with some nifty filters and overlays, I really do not enjoy manipullating my photos all that much. What comes out of the camera, is what you get.

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