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Nov 30, 2007
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Hey guys!
Iam looking for a new lens for my camera since iam not satisfied with the standard lens i have.
I have been checking around and my god..there are so many lenses to choose from and as iam a noob...i have problems to pick the right one for me and hope that you guys can recomend some for me:wink:.
I need a lens for close up (macro shots) and for landscape/animal/nature pictures.
I dont aford to expencive lenses so some middle class lenses would be great.
Btw..these filters i see that you putt in front of the lens..those it has it's purpose..i mean is it really a must to have?
What is wrong with the lens you already have: maximum aperture, focal range, image quality? Also, what is your budget?

As you are probably aware the D40 does not a built in AF motor. If you want to use autofocus, you will need lenses with motors in them (AF-S lenses from Nikon or HSM from Sigma); that should reduce your choices considerably.

Also, a single lens that can handle well macro, landscape (wide angle lens) and wildlife (telephoto) does not exist.

As for filters, many people put a UV filter in front of their lenses to protect the front element of the lens. It is cheaper to replace the filter if you damage it rather than the front element of your lens. UV filters hardly affect the pictures.
This is why I hate the D40/D40x series for somebody who has only one camera, I have several good recommendations EXCEPT they won't autofocus on the D40/D40x series. Drives me nuts.

Ok, that being said, if we knew your price range we could tell you what we can find. If you have a lot of cash, Nikon has some excellent AF-S lenses... if you are on a budget, you will likely be looking at Sigma.
If you budget is tight, look at some of the older great MF lenses. An outstanding macro lens is the old 55mm f/2.8 (or 3.5) manual focus. I've seen them on ePay for under $75.00. Some old 70-300 MF zooms can be had for under $100.00 and are good for nature/animal pix. A 24mm prime would work for landscape, 20 would be better. Vivitar had a 19mm back in the early 80's that was fairly sharp and goes for about $25 these days. I know not everyone agrees, but there is nothing wrong with manual focus in my book. I used it for decades before AF came out, it worked fine then.
While I certainly agree that manual focus lenses will absolutely work on a D40x and you can take great pictures with them, I would hesitate to recommend them simply because the camera can only be used fully manually with no light metering or flash metering, in addition to the lack of a good manual focusing screen in it.

Yes, it can work, but IMHO most folks with a D40/D40x are prolly more likely to want lenses that their light and flash meters work, program, aperture and shutter priority modes work, and that autofocus.

Just my opinion.
I will be using my Nikon D40 for mostly portraits... What would be the best lens for a low price that i should get? Or should I just stick with the stock lens.

Thanks for the info guys!
My budget is very tight at the moment but let say around the 500 US$ mark.
The lens i have for the moment is the:AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor 18-55mm f/3,5-5,6G ED II.
Some great lenses there you guys mentioned and i will have a look at it!

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