Les Ecrins - the French Alps


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Aug 25, 2010
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Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum, and I thought I'd say hi by posting some of my holiday photo's.

This is a mountain lake called Mirroir Des Fetoules (Because it mirrors the mountain called Fetoules).

This is the sunrise as seen from the valley where the campsite was.

Looking forward to hear some critique on these two photographs! (Can also be seen in a bit high resolution on my deviantart page: http://xf-ader.deviantart.com

Great ideas for these shots really like the scenic views. for the first one I personally would have tried to get a little bit more reflection. For me the grass ont he right isn't really doing much for the picture. I would have been a little closer to the water. But all in all I really like the photos. Good job. :thumbup:
Welcome.. Looks like a great place to vacation and photograph..........:D
Hey, @Bram I'll check my database in a sec, because I have a shot that is a bit more vertical and has more focus on the water, and less grass on the side. Thanks for your reactions!
This picture has more focus on the water + mountain than on the surroundings, this is actually a photomerge of three pictures I took (so total result was about 4000x5000 px.

Is this an improvement for you?
wow i really like the last shot you posted, i would say its an improvement over the first.

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