Lets play 'What is this?' ... (Macro)


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Apr 18, 2010
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East TX
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So .. I got some new gear. A pair of light stand, umbrellas, flashes, 50mm 1.4 Sigma, and a set of extension tubes.

The Sigma I just got Thursday. The rest I've had long enough to use before, but none the less. I got bored while waiting on dinner to finish up in the smoker.

This is a slight crop, just to get some of the soft part out:

20120114-DSC_0064.jpg by TX Flyer, on Flickr

Here's another part of it (same thing as above).

20120114-DSC_0069.jpg by TX Flyer, on Flickr
Second one was a give away huh?
Here's a tighter crop of it ... This is what I should have done. I asked my wife if that was to much of a giveaway, she said no as she was walking by. I guess I should have watched to see if she actually looked. :/

20120114-DSC_0069-2.jpg by TX Flyer, on Flickr

And ... the setup.

20120114-DSC_0088.jpg by TX Flyer, on Flickr
Hahahha! Sometimes I answer "yup." to my husband when the noise stops without knowing what he asked...

Nice pictures anyway. I love macro and they're nice and bright and for some reason, I'm into kitchen photographs.

P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only one with ancient garlic cloves floating around.
It must be a wife thing.

I gotta say, the full res made a decent background. It's one of those thing you can look at and say 'what the ....'
Ahhhh....yes, GARLIC!!! I buy stock in mouthwash.....:lol:

hope i don't get banned......
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At first I thought deep fried something... then realized it was marijuana so I combined them. The colors are beautiful!

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