Lets talk about the Beercan!


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Mar 8, 2007
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Anyone on here own one? know much about them? I just bought one on ebay for like $190, just want to know if it was worth it.. I've read good reviews, but if anyone has any, i'd LOVE to see some samples! ENLIGHTEN ME!:hail:
I prefer my beer in bottles thank you very much and it is usually alot cheaper than that....
haha... i was gonna say....
I have no idea what you're talking about, could you please post a link.
Beercan=crappy lens?

Sounds like it to me... Bad nickname if its a good lens...

I have NO idea:D
I'm obviously missing something.
You have it, and you want US to provide samples?
Go out and shoot something!!!

P.S. I have it but haven't used it since i went digital...$190, you say?Hmmm...
sorry, for some reason my TPF account only auto-subscribes to SOME posts, so i didnt see your replies. Heres a link-

i dont have it YET, why would i be asking for samples if i had the lens????
i just ordered it on ebay.

and yes, it is a 70-210 f/4
i've heard good things but i kind of wanted to know if anyone on here actually had one and could tell me what they thought of it.
ok. F**K it! I'll talk about the beercan! haha. I got it today and I love it. So if anyone needs any info on it, PM me or something and i could tell you about it
They have sample pics in the link you posted, from what I saw, they look pretty damn good.
Well, I wish I'd seen this thread earlier. I've had one since I believe 1986, used at that time on my Maxxum 7000 and a couple years later on a 9000, all of which I still have and use. I also use the beercan on a 7D. which I got a few years ago. This lens is quite sharp and has a great bokeh for portraits. I highly recommend it. I discovered one annoyance this summer and I am not sure if it is the camera or the lens , but when zoomed all the way, in bright sunshine with spot metering, it has trouble and over exposes but I think I can put up with it. It's built well and the zoom and focus action is still smooth to this day. I won"t be selling mine.

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