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Dec 5, 2005
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Will my light meter work with these? I have a nikon D50 and N80 35mm. The website says that the LB will not communicate electronically with your camera. So I can live without AF and obviously you set the aperture manually, but most importantly does your meter work? Any one use one with a D50? Please help, I am considering buying one but not if I have to use a handheld meter.

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I think I've heard that the D70 and D50 won't meter when using non-AF lenses (e.g. lensbaby). But I suppose you can always use the sunny-16 rule and bracket a lot (and use the histogram to check). Being digital, you don't really have to worry about wasting shots.

edit: just realized this thread is kinda old. ah well.
It's not non-AF lenses, it's non-CPU lenses (AI). Since they do say that they don't communicate electronically, that would lead me to believe that the Lensbabies are non-CPU lenses.
If it doesn't electronically communicate with the camera the lens probably being stopped down when you stop it down. This is in contrast to a normal lens that doesn't actually stop down until you take a picture. Therefore your metering should work just fine since it's reading the amount of light coming in after you stop down.
But the D50/D70 won't meter at all without a CPU (electronic communication). The D100/200/2x has no such issue, however.

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