Light or Dark?

I prefer the light as the over-exposure causes the background and foreground to fade out.
I like dark because it boxes the scene and keeps my eye on the image instead bleeding off.

Bright lights and bright skies don't really go together that welll.

If the lights weren't on, I would go for the light one though.
Something in between I think - dark enough so the lights and other near-white areas stand out but light enough so the railing doesn't merge into the background.
Dark... I prefer the contrast! The light one looks like just another boring foggy background shot!
I like the dark one a lot more :D
Thanks people, I'm still no nearer to deciding. Of all the people I've shown them to its fairly evenly split possibly slightly leaning to the dark one.

The light one is more what I had in mind but I agree it looks a little weird with the lights on. I had the idea in the daytime and thought that I would come back when it was darker for a longer exposure. I'm thinking of buying a filter kit so maybe I'll shoot it again in the day with a 10 stop ND when the lights aren't on.

Thanks again for the comments.
Dark or both. Diptych!
Count my vote for dark :) I'm a fan of contrast.

Agree with Josh about the light one, if the bright lights weren't there it'd be a lot more visually appealing.
Dark one for me. Contrast and better exposed light. The overall feeling is better, imo, more an evening feeling.
Misty...dreamy.. i am with one... in comparison i dislike the second, mostly because of the harshness of those two light beams... it is a severe distraction there

Independently both are fine otherwise...

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I much prefer the dark one. The light is basically boring as you have to deal with a washed out sky, and a lack luster water other then the central image and reflection. In the darker photo, the sky and water have some tone variation to hold my interest. Also there are nice blacks that the lighter image just lacks.

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