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Jan 25, 2016
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Does anyone know about a good tutorial on how to do light painting? I am starting to play around with the technique and I am wondering how they manage to get crisp image on people with such slow shutter speeds.
Probably rear curtain sync. You take a long exposure but the speed light fires at the end of the shutter exposure.
Yup, the long exposure is when you do the painting and then have the person step into the frame and you fire the strobe at that time. If they're in the frame the whole time you'll have colors from the light on them.
I just googled "light painting photography youtube" and got about 25 videos on the subject.
Depends upon the length of time that your painting will require. On a very long (using BULB mode then you do your painting and then manually fire your strobe(s). But as said above if the exposure is 30 sec of less you can use rear curtain synch. Yep. search YouTube. Also Syl Arenas covers it pretty well in a couple of his books. Kevin Kubota, as well. Scott Kelby covers it in one or two of his Digital Photography books.

In a nutshell it is a helluva lot of just plain experimenting.
Yes, I was looking at youtube videos, but haven't found a good tutorial yet, I guess I am looking something such as the ones proposed in another thread on begginer photography "easyexposure" (great and very clear tutorial by the way). Thanks everyone for the guidance and Dideraux for the author names, I will look for their books.
I watch a video where they use something called light pens, I tried to look that out on Amazon but couldn't find something similar. Is there a place where you can find easily those type of materias? I know that you can use almost any source of light, but I am wondering if there are special stores to get light bars, light pencil of different colors...etc

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