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Sep 9, 2007
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Sydney, Australia
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Three images from last morning. C&C please.




Thank you!
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Gorgeous pictures, every one of them..
First, those are some very surprising angles for the photos -- I'm not used to seeing lighthouses from those angles. For that, good job!

Next, individual critiques:

#1 -- Not a lot keeps my interest here. There's an interesting green color, but that's about it. It's more documentary than artistic (which is not actually a problem, but I assume you weren't looking to just document the shape of the structure).

#2 -- Neat sky, I'd like to have seen the light up against the sky, instead of hiding under it. The two together could have been quite dramatic! With this composition, the two (light and sky) are competing for my interest and pulling my eye in different directions, and the rest is just a distraction.

#3 -- My favorite here. This is closer to what I thought would be good in #2. The vignette is too heavy for me -- it distracts instead of focusing the eye on the light. I'd like to see an even lower viewpoint, again with the light up against the sky. The person and boardwalk adds interest for me. The branches left and right are distracting, but with careful recomposition they could become a nice frame (and maybe make the vignette wholly unnecessary).

I guess I'm sounding harsh tonight -- don't take my comments as anything more than my opinion. Keep working!
Thank you dcclark, great feed back!

I also liked the green light and felt there is a problem with the composition (hence the heavy vignetting). There was also morning dew fogging the lens which I couldn't clean, seemed to be inside the lens. It's visible in the third image.

I'll try again.

Thank you!

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