Lighting Equipment suggestions

freestyle photo also has some super cheap kits, one with 2 lights/umbrellas/stands for like 300 and then one with 3 softboxes for like 500. Im not sure how the quality is yet(i havent ordered mine!) but they are another option.

btw-these are both monolights.
I just purchased Alien Bees. Very nice. They have their Digikit. Well worth the extra $50 over the JTLs from Freestyle. I upgraded the the lights, added a third light, softbox, stand, and another umbrella and was still under $1200. Plus you can't beat there customer service.
Scott WRG Editor said:
I'm looking to invest in a lighting kit that could be used for portraits and such. Looking to go the least expensive route and would like suggestions on equipment to take a look at.

I know that this might sound a bit silly.... but I'm gonna say it anyway. The sun + a reversible multi-colour reflector is probably the most powerful and decent modelling lighting available. Ok, so if it rains... :lol:

I actually quite like the effect of one of those big 10,000,000 candle power torches as well - they're about £20 from a hardware store!


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