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Nov 23, 2007
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So i don't have any lighting, no umbrellas no soft boxes, and i have a crappy reflector that does jack ****.

I have 3 lights, with incandescent bulbs or whatever so they don't give off those orangy colors. However I'm doing a kind of *shoot* with my sister and i still don't have enough light. Any solutions, or something that most people would have? Or am i just screwed.
I have just read somewhere else that a piece of cardboard with crumpled then straightened foil will help no end as a reflector for about 70pence.

If you can shoot on a sunny day with her near the window with the light coming to her from the side so you can use the natural light from that with your reflector on the other side of her face to back fill the shadows a little, this will give her texture rather than having the light face on giving her flat features. If you can , get her slightly lower than the window so that on the oppostie side of her face you can see a triangle of light under her eye, this is a popular way of portraiting called the rembrant style. GOOD LUCK
Good luck... white balance your camera and shoot in raw. (without knowing what kind of shoot... it's hard to give detailed advice.)

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