Lightning and and Ball Lightning (i believe)


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Oct 6, 2009
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Phoenix Arizona
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Good electric storm. Weather tested the 7D. Works well after a 5 min pounding in rain. cc always welcome on everything.


Found this on my card when I got home. I remember hearing a buzzing sound but thought nothing of it.
Nice images, by the way. :smile:
It could be mistaken for it lol. Good thing I grew up on Nat Geo and PBS haha before History channel came around.
Neat photos. video clip is interesting!
was that a drone ?
or Derrel flying his alien ship with only a Visual Flight license ?
I'm 90% sure its ball lightning. There were some odd lightning bolts going on that night. Pretty rare to see it. ( i didnt actually see it tho). There are a handful of videos online with it in all forms. They have been known to be attracted to power lines as well. I was right below some main feeds from the power plant. a close by storm cell was putting out at least a bolt a second (negative charged and cloud to cloud). quiet the show. Everything added up!
I know a guy that got chased out of a phone equipment room by ball lightening, years ago.
haha I would run like crazy! It can pass through walls and doors without marking too. Pretty cool stuff
I saw ball lighting when I was a kid living in The Bronx. It occurred during a storm. I was looking out of the window on the 6th floor of an apartment building. The lightning appearing about 5 feet in diameter and traveled a few block along the top of other apartments buildings near their parapets. Lasted about 5 or 10 seconds. Pretty amazing. I never have seen anything like that since then.
That's pretty neat to see it like that.
Dig the first one. The way the road seems to be headed toward the worst part of the storm is very cool.

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